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It’s All About You

Because B2 is focused on success one car and one driver at a time, your experience may use one or all of the products and services that B2 offers. We design your program with one goal in mind – a winning experience!

Car Rental and Coaching

Whether you drive in local races or professional motorsports events, you need a car with dependable performance to match your skills and earn your place. B2 Motorsports offers car rental services in Huntsville, AL to ensure racers can drive on the drive without worrying about affording their own car. We have two car types available to rent for the testing day and full race day, including three Spec Racer Fords and one TransAM TA2 car.

We provide coaching to all rental customers, and it is not necessarily a distinct service. Our goal is to provide the best complete solution, including data acquisition and video review so that every driver becomes their best. Our coaches work with you to prepare you before, during, and after all events. You benefit from direct knowledge and experience with our winning coaches Mark Eaton, Cliff White, and Franklin Futrelle.

Business to Business Hospitality

Add an exciting race event with B2 to your client and employee enrichment program and see real results.

Race Simulator and Sim Training

Want the least expensive way to test your driving aptitude? Want to be ready to race and improve your race craft without the expense of traveling and renting a ride? Want to treat your friends or employees to a new experience, our simulator built by racers for racers could be just the right match for you.

Our expert coaches have years of experience using the simulator to dramatically improve drivers’ skills with intensive SIM Coaching.

Part Development and Manufacture

Our services encompass cutting-edge racing technology to help drivers and teams get the parts they need to perform at their best on different tracks. We offer 3D scanning services on the tracks, custom part manufacturing, and laser scanning that lets you capture an object by walking the laser around and moving it. Our 3D scanning services assist customers in developing parts like brake ducts, SRF body shims, drink bottles, and simulator pedals.

Trust the Team at B2 Motorsports From Huntsville, AL

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