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New Technologies Create Better Parts at Less Cost

Our aerospace-trained engineer uses an in-house laser scanner and printer technology to produce higher-performance custom parts like brake ducts, shims, and other essential components. Services available in B2s Huntsville, Alabama shop, your location, or at the track.

Scanning & Custom Manufacturing to Create Parts

B2 Motorsports offers 3D scanning services and custom parts manufacturing. This includes a laser scanner you walk around and move to scan and capture an object. We have the scanner and engineer available to rent. Racing is an expensive sport, requiring high-level expertise to run a successful team. We believe the way to make a racing team profitable is by providing value-added services to fellow racers and competitors at the track. Our 3D scanning services are an outstanding way to assist customers in developing all the parts they need. These parts include various essential components for their vehicles, such as SRF body shims, brake ducts, drink bottles, and simulator pedals. You should request and schedule our services because many race events do not have resources available unless you schedule them in advance.

Schedule Your Custom Part Fabrication

Racing Experts in Huntsville, AL Ready to Help

B2 Motorsports’s team of racing professionals looks forward to working with you and providing the services and technology you need to compete to your best ability. We proudly offer custom parts manufacturing and 3D scanning to racers who value their vehicles, keep them well-maintained, and strive for a competitive edge.

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