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Test and Improve Your Skills in Our Racing Simulator

B2 Motorsports’s expertise in virtual racing goes beyond developing simulator bits and pieces. Unlike systems that have been adapted from gaming programs, The B2Motorsports package is designed for the driver who wants an experience they can hop into and practice their driving without fiddling around. Our product has a hydraulic top mount pedal assembly for a realistic driving feel. We are currently perfecting a pedal design that will help drivers make the transition from SRF to TA2 driving.

Want to Race? Try Our Simulator for More Fun, Less $

Using our real-world simulators is the least expensive way to see if racing is for you, or just to spend some time trying out racing your favorite tracks.. Renting a car for a day can cost $1,000 and up.  our Simulator racing fees start at $50 per hour. Try it, you might like it!

Contact Our Racing Experts