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Why RACE Activation?

  • Rigor – The effort the team, driver, and partners put into the sporting success. Racing is truly a team sport in addition to the numerous hours put in at the shop by the team most race weekends are 13+hr days in the heat in the sun all to chase that elusive victory. The energy our team puts into racing is palatable and our partners can feel that energy.
  • Adrenaline – The pure excitement at the race track when your car crosses the finish line, the sound of the engine starting underneath the tent, and the thrill of driving a car yourself
  • Community – Family, friends, and neighbors all working towards a singular goal. It’s the bbq after the long day and the comradery that creates lasting relationships.
  • Engagement – Creating unique opportunities to engage with your customers.

Armada Team Photo

Left: Matt Legge, CEO right Zack Devier, Chairman of the Board, Armada Analytics

“Armada Analytics’ sponsoring of B2 Motorsports in 2021 has been a great experience for us. It has allowed us to bridge aspects of our personal and professional lives that we are passionate about but rarely overlap. We have been able to provide experiences to our clients that are different from the typical corporate outings and are truly unique – from attending race days, to talking with the race team, drivers, and experiencing the power of Trans Am Series racing up close. Our partnership with B2 has helped facilitate an environment that is exciting and engaging for both us and our clients and we look forward to supporting the team in the years to come.”

What can you expect at a B2 Motorsports Experience?

The B2 Motorsports team will work with you to create a unique experience at the race that fits your business needs whether for your prospects, customers, family or employees.  We strive to make our guests fee like family (just the ones you like).   The experience begins before you even make it to the track.  We send all of our attendees an Interary for the weekend, a map with points of interests, and the contact information for your hosts.  When you arrive, your host will welcome you at the gate and escort you to our Home Base.  Throughout the weekend your host is there to answer questions about the cars, track, racing, and share our passion with you and your guests.

  • Event Entry – Included
  • Food & Beverage – Included
  • Group Host – Included
  • VIP Tour of the B2 Motorsports Paddock spot – Included
  • Multiple Shaded Viewing Areas with Chairs – Included
  • Car/Team Photo Opportunities – Included

If you want to really wow your guests, we have a variety of add on services available:

  • Simulator Experiences
  • Karting Experience
  • Driving School, or Race Experience
  • Custom Media Packages to Maximize Your Exposure:
  • Access to Race and Series Demographics and Other Marketing Performance Measures
B2 Motorsports is truly in the business of providing an exceptional motoring experience.  I’ve attended multiple events, both public racing events and private track days, and I’ve been very pleased with B2’s passion for sharing their love of motorsports with members of their community.
A B2 weekend makes for a great gift for high value clients.  Imagine offering your 2 or 3 best clients the chance to bring their families out to see, hear, and smell the roar of racing engines and put their hands on the cars themselves and shake hands with the drivers and crew.  What a great way to say thank you for their loyalty.
Respectfully, Michael Kinzer Real Estate Professional Amanda Howard | Sotheby’s International Realty

B2 Motorsports Helps Southeast Drivers Succeed

B2 Motorsports is ready to build relationships with sponsors that add value to all parties. Our organization takes pride in our experience and knowledge, ensuring our services provide essential benefits to customers, sponsors, and many other motorsports participants.

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